ConRad Thermal Blankets Reduce Recovery Times

We have used the MRI ConRad Thermal Blankets for 6 months… our anesthesia recovery times have been cut in half because we now have virtually normothermic patients. Our decreased recovery costs have enabled us to refund some of our estimated costs to our clients….

After 9 years in veterinary medical imaging it is nice to have found a warming solution that works as advertised. Working in MRI and CT I’ve seen so many inefficient and/or unrealistic ideas implemented to try and prevent hypothermia in patients. The ConradĀ® Thermal Blanket outperforms all of them. When used as intended, the Conrad Blanket is an excellent thermal solution for patients of all shapes and sizes.

Kevin Stevens, ARRT, RT, R, MR

Imaging Technologist, the VSCAN, Ottawa, ON