The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket

The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket is designed for situations where an animal will be sedated or anesthetized.

The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket is radiolucent, Xray and CT compatible.

The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket

  • Use for surgery and imaging.

  • As an adjunct to active patient warming.

  • Where active warming cannot be used: Xray and CT scans.

The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket

  • Has a corner grommet for easy and compact storage.

When to Use the ConRad™ Thermal Blanket

  • Immediately upon induction of anesthesia or sedation.

  • Prevents the rapid Phase l drop in body temperature.

  • The time taken to prep for surgery and apply monitors can drop the animal’s body temperature several degrees even before surgery or imaging starts, unless preventative measures are taken. (See temperature/anesthesia graph here.)

  • The ConRad™ Thermal Blanket is NOT recommended for use with MRI at this time.

Available in Three Sizes

Small: $49.95

Medium:  $64.95

Large:  $79.95


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