Rigorous Testing of the MRI-Safe ConRad® Thermal Blanket Assures Safety and Image Clarity


  • ASTM F21823-11a; tested for 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla scanners to be free of any radio frequency induced heating.
  • Heat testing by fiber optic thermal sensors and thermal imaging, and revealed no hot spots.

No MRI Signal Loss

  • MRI signal testing performed in four (4) different blanket configurations without signal loss.

Clinically Tested to Maintain Body Temperature

  • The MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blanket has been tested extensively under clinical conditions at a busy Veterinary MRI center and was shown to maintain normothermia.

Download the complete MRI-Safe Results Summary here.

ConRad Thermal Blanket MRI Signal Testing

The MRI-Safe ConRad Blanket was subjected to MRI signal testing in a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner by an MRI technologist with the following credentials: ARRT, RT, R, MR. There was no noted MRI signal loss with the ConRad Thermal Blanket in any position with relation to the phantom and the MRI coil.

Sequence 1

  • No Blanket.

  • Phantom and coil only, the Blanket is not within the MRI. 

  • Click image to read data.

Sequence 2

  • Blanket Over.

  • The Blanket is over the top of the phantom and coil.

  • Click image to read data.

Sequence 3

  • Blanket Outside.

  • The Blanket wrapped completely around the phantom and the coil.

  • Click image to read data.

Sequence 4

  • Blanket inside.

  • Blanket wrapped around the phantom inside of the coil.

  • Click image to read data.

Each of the MRI images below were obtained using the MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blanket during the procedure with no signal loss.

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