The Complete Warming System

HoverHeat Provides True Under Body and Over Body Warming

HoverHeat’s proprietary internal materials provide a cushion of heated air to warm the underbody—not previously possible with forced air warming.


The largest surface area of the body can now be warmed with forced air warming.


An adaptor accommodates any warm air blower.

HoverHeat connector expands from 22″ to 60″.

HoverHeat can be used with your current warm air blower.

Two HoverHeat units can be connected in series to provide over and under body warming with the same warm air blower.

Infrared Imaging Reveals Radiant Heat

The following images shot from an infrared camera reveal progressive evidence of heat radiating from the HoverHeat when attached to a warm air blower.

FLIR image of HoverHeat without infared imaging engaged.

Infrared imaging without warm air flowing through the HoverHeat.

Infrared imaging shows heat radiating from the surface of the HoverHeat when functioning with a warm air blower


Pre-operative Care

♦ Induce anesthesia on the HoverHeat

♦ Keep patients warm from the moment of anesthesia induction

♦ Pre-op warming has been shown to help maintain body temperature intraoperatively

♦ Do all your pre-op prep and shaving on the HoverHeat

♦ Easily cleaned

HoverHeat used with a HUG-U-VAC positioner.

Intra-operative Care

♦ Use the HoverHeat under the patient for any procedure

♦ Use a HoverHeat over the body in non-sterile areas

♦ Use with virtually any positioner

HoverHeat used within a V-trough.

Post-operative Care

♦ Keep patients warm throughout the postoperative period

♦ Decreases recovery times


♦ X-ray

♦ CT

♦ Angiography

♦ Cardiac valvuloplasty

Ease of Use

♦ No water warming messes

♦ No electrical warming with hot spots

♦ No costly disposable warming blankets

♦ No contaminated air near the sterile surgical field

Available in 3 Sizes and a Money-saving Set

Finally, a warming system that does it all!

View the HoverHeat Instructional Video Below

VetPro Warm Air Blower

The VetPro warm air blower marries perfectly with the HoverHeat system.

♦ 3 Temperature settings

♦ High volume air flow

♦ IV pole attachment

♦ Compact design

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