Veterinarians & Techs Love the ConRad® Thermal Blanket System


ConRad Thermal Blankets Act as a Barrier to All Three Mechanisms of Heat Loss

♦ Conductive

♦ Convective

♦ Radiant

Designed for Anesthetized Animals

Available in Two Functional Options


General Use

♦ For Surgery, Dental, Endoscopy, Imaging

♦ Radiolucent– Xray and CT

♦ Adjunct to active warming

♦ Small, Medium & Large sizes

Two Layer Internal Design

♦ Insulative conductive thermal barrier

♦ Radiant heat reflective barrier


♦ Designed exclusively for use in MRI

♦ No MRI signal loss

♦ Clinically tested to maintain body temperature

♦ Small, Medium & Large sizes

Two Layer Internal Design

♦ Insulative conductive thermal barrier

♦ Proprietary MRI Safe heat loss barrier

Imagine Having a Normothermic Patient

Just use immediately after induction of anesthesia to protect your patients against heat loss.

ConRad Thermal Blankets are:

♦ Simple to Use — see directions for use here
♦ Proven effective when used as designed  — see clinical info here
♦ Shorter recovery times — see testimonials here
♦ Reusable and easy to clean
♦ Soft, supple and fluid proof
♦ Affordable

ConRad Thermal Blanket

Each ConRad Thermal Blanket is Available in 3 Sizes
and in a Money-Saving Set of 3

ConRad Thermal Blanket for General Use

Small (20″ x 28″)
$69.95 (General Use)

Medium (24″ x 34″)
$79.95 (General Use)

Large (28″ x 40″)
$89.95 (General Use)

ConRad 3 sizes

Set (S, M, L)
$215.95 (General Use)

ConRad Thermal Blanket for MRI

Small (20″ x 28″)
$99.95 (MRI-Safe)

Medium (24″ x 34″)
$124.95 (MRI-Safe)

Large (28″ x 40″)
$149.95 (MRI-Safe)

Set (S, M, L)
$337.95 (MRI-Safe)

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