Win the fight against heat loss with Veterinary Warming Solutions

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ConRad® Thermal Blanket
(General Use)

(Complete Forced Air Warmer)

ConRad® Thermal Blanket

We share your frustration in keeping up with heat loss.


Dr. Lloyd Hiebert

Designed by a board certified anesthesiologist.

Dr. Lloyd Hiebert spent 30 years keeping up with heat loss in the O.R. He understands the difficulty of maintaining patient body temperature during anesthesia. That’s why he developed the ConRad Thermal Blanket system and the HoverHeat complete forced air warmer.

Two Products, One Purpose: STOP HEAT LOSS!

Join Us in Winning the Battle Against Heat Loss

Be the “Heat Loss Go-To” Person in Your Clinic.

Every Animal Deserves a Warm, Safe Procedure



7 Things You Need to Know About Heat Loss