the ConRad® Thermal Blanket System

The Science of Patient Warming

Why you need to protect your patients from hypothermia.

Hypothermia is the Most Common Thermal Consequence of


General anesthesia


What is Hypothermia in Cats and Dogs?

Body temperature
between 37 and 35.8 degrees Centigrade.

Body Heat is Lost By:


Radiation – the transfer of infrared radiant energy to the environment.

Conduction – the direct flow of heat from the body to the air or surrounding materials.

Convection – the transfer of body heat from the patient by the physical movement of ambient air.

Hypothermia Occurs in Three Phases Following Anesthetic Induction

Phase 1: Within 1 hour of induction.

Phase 2: Between 2 and 3 hours of induction.

Phase 3: After 4 hours or more hours of induction.

Phases of Hypothermia During Anesthetic Induction


Phase 1:  Rapid decline of body temperature in the first hour because of redistribution of warm blood to the periphery where it is lost through the skin by radiation and convection.

Phase 2: Slower linear decline in body temperature in the next two hours because of heat loss exceeding internal heat production.

Phase 3: Body temperature stabilizes over the next three to four hours.

Deleterious Consequences of Patient Hypothermia:

  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Decreased blood oxygen
  • Postoperative protein breakdown
  • Impaired kidney function
  • Poor wound healing
  • Blood vessel constriction
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Altered mental status
  • Decreased drug breakdown
  • Surgical site infections
  • Death

The Solution

The General Use and the MRI-Safe ConRad® Thermal Blankets act as a barrier to all three mechanisms of body heat loss, protecting your patients from the deleterious consequences of anesthesia induced hypothermia.

Safe and Comfortable

ConRad Thermal Blankets are a revolutionary new thermal blanket system for use during veterinary procedures that require anesthesia induction and are available in two options: General Use and MRI-Safe. These are the only veterinary warming products that act as a barrier to all three mechanisms of body heat loss:

  • Conductive

  • Convective

  • Radiant

Proudly made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA

Patent Pending

  • The ConRad General Use Thermal Blanket has an internal fire retardant insulative conductive thermal barrier and an internal radiant heat reflective barrier.

  • The ConRad MRI-Safe Thermal Blanket has an internal fire retardant insulative conductive thermal barrier and an additional proprietary, MRI-safe heat-loss barrier.

  • The ConRad Thermal Blankets have a soft, comfortable external shell that is impermeable to fluids and is easily cleaned.

  • The ConRad Thermal Blankets are durable, their external shell fabricated with the same material as US Navy gunnery target balloons.

The General Use and the MRI-Safe ConRad Thermal Blankets are available in three sizes.

ConRad Thermal Blanket General Use is available in Small, Medium & Large.

ConRad Thermal Blanket MRI-Safe is available in Small, Medium & Large

Veterinarians & Techs Love the ConRad Thermal Blanket System

“The ConRad™ blankets did not disappoint! Not only are we saving on towel use and saving the environment by having a reusable cover that is so easily cleaned, but we are seeing an increase in temperature when we use the blankets instead of a decrease which we have come to expect no matter how hard we have tried different warming methods!”

Fiona Crambrook
Southern Animal Hospitals
South Australia


“After 9 years in veterinary medical imaging it is nice to have found a warming solution that works as advertised. Working in MRI and CT I’ve seen so many inefficient and/or unrealistic ideas implemented to try and prevent hypothermia in patients. The Conrad™ Thermal Blanket outperforms all of them. When used as intended, the Conrad Blanket is an excellent thermal solution for patients of all shapes and sizes.”

Kevin Stevens, ARRT, RT, R, MR
Imaging Technologist
the VSCAN, Ottawa, ON


“I’m very happy with [the ConRad™ Thermal Blankets] and we tried them in xray and CT and I can confirm that there are no imaging artifacts so I plan to use them in our imaging suites and in all three of our theatres and I will probably buy more for some of our procedure rooms as well.”

Verified Customer
ACE Veterinary Supplies
Oxon, England


“We have been using the Conrad™ Thermal Blanket for about a month now at our clinic for anesthetic and surgical procedures. Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in aiding in temperature regulation in our anesthetized patients. Body temperatures are easily regulated and maintained even in longer procedures. We recently had a large Cane Corso surgery where the animal was anesthetized for 4 hours and the blanket kept the animal normothermic for the entire surgery. As a result the dog recovered exceptionally well post surgery. We are extremely pleased with this product.”

Dr. Paul Johnston, DVM
Riverside Pet Hospital
Ajax, Ontario, Canada


“We love the ConRad™ Thermal Blanket! We use it for most of our surgery patients, but we find it especially helpful for our dental patients. This thermal pad really helps to keep the dogs in the normal temperature range, and because it isn’t a traditional fabric blanket, it doesn’t get wet and further lower their temps. In addition, it is easy to clean in between patients. We liked it so much we ordered a second!”

Teryn Noel, CVT
Shadow Lake Animal Hospital
Ormond Beach, FL