Win the fight against heat loss with ConRad® Thermal Blankets

Simple     ♦     Effective     ♦     Affordable     ♦     Reusable

We share your frustration in keeping up with heat loss.


Dr. Lloyd Hiebert

Designed by a board certified anesthesiologist.

Dr. Lloyd Hiebert spent 30 years keeping up with heat loss in the O.R. He understands the difficulty of maintaining patient body temperature during anesthesia. That’s why he developed the ConRad Thermal Blanket system.

Veterinarians & Techs Love the ConRad Thermal Blanket System

Heat Loss Graphic

ConRad Thermal Blankets Act as a Barrier to All Three Mechanisms of Heat Loss

♦ Conductive

♦ Convective

♦ Radiant

Designed for Anesthetized Animals

Available in Two Functional Options


General Use

♦ For Surgery, Dental, Endoscopy, Imaging

♦ Radiolucent– Xray and CT

♦ Adjunct to active warming

♦ Small, Medium & Large sizes

Two Layer Internal Design

♦ Insulative conductive thermal barrier

♦ Radiant heat reflective barrier


♦ Designed exclusively for use in MRI

♦ No MRI signal loss

♦ Clinically tested to maintain body temperature

♦ Small, Medium & Large sizes

Two Layer Internal Design

♦ Insulative conductive thermal barrier

♦ Proprietary MRI Safe heat loss barrier

When to Use ConRad Thermal Blankets?

Use immediately after induction of anesthesia to protect your patients against heat loss.

ConRad Thermal Blankets are:

♦ Simple to Use — see directions for use here
♦ Proven effective when used as designed  — see clinical info here
♦ Shorter recovery times — see testimonials here
♦ Reusable and easy to clean
♦ Soft, supple and fluid proof
♦ Affordable

Join Us in Winning the Battle Against Heat Loss

Be the “Heat Loss Go-To” Person in Your Clinic.

Every Animal Deserves a Warm, Safe Procedure



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